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I need help

It’s doesn’t work with me can anyone help me or tell me what I have to do????


They didn’t have anything I liked. No George Strait. No upchurch. And no Willie Nelson.


The songs are amazing they have the top hits and everything I love it


It's okay it's not the best but it's pretty okay


I like it a lot easy way to get ring tune


I love this app!

Great app




Get this app!!❤️

Loving this app.

Not free but good ringtones

You only get a free trial then you have to pay but it’s a bit expensive. The ring tones are good it just costs a lot for only a month.


Most apps don’t work I’m glad to have finally have one that does




This is very cool and it’s the best ringtone app ever



Not good

After the install you have to pay to continue lol




Great app!

it’s great!

love it!


Don’t advertise your app and then the people download it and then they get on the app and they see you have to pay for more than half of the stuff. On your video there’s nothing about paying and that’s why I downloaded it but when I got on the app I saw for more than half of the stuff you have pay for that’s stupids. If show a video and you have pay somewhere on the app then show it in the freakin videos stupeids


This app is amazingly awesome it has all the great tunes. It’s the perfect app that I’ve been looking for!


Just so you know, you need a computer for this to work, unless you want to just buy the ringtones. In which case.. you know.. your phone comes with that app lol Personally I don’t have a computer so it’s useless to me, but if I had one it would be nice I suppose. To download the ringtone without being redirected to the store it’s the button on the top left. God bless


Very good app,a lil bit scam ish buh it's gud.

Great App!

This is a wonderful app!


Sure free to download and use for a few days and download 10 songs that's it. $7.99 A WEEK AFTER THAT! WHAT A JOKE! NO THANKS!

This is a awesome free app and has super awesome reingtones fo free

You don’t need money or an email


I love the remix’s of the new songs they have. Plus I love the fact that you can watch ads for the ringtones

Just redirects me to ITunes


a different itunes

hello and welcome to tuunes, the app that poses as a free ringtone service, but really isn't. heres what to expect when you open the app. *welcome to tuunes! let's show you around* shows you nothing *buy this for free ringtones!* •the button to just get 10 free is extremely small• *presses free button* *gets a trending ringtone because i want to try it out* *gets sent to itunes* oh. ok. SO ITS NOT FREE?!?! tuunes is a glorified itunes search engine. seriously if you want free ringtones its as easy as convering a 30 second sound file to mp3 or whatever apple supports and putting it in the ringtones section when you plug your phone in and expand the dropdown menu. thanks but no thanks glorified itunes

Perfect App

Great App and Very easy to use.


It’s honestly garbage don’t waste your time

Best ringtone app so far

I have tried plenty of ringtone apps for ios only to be disappointed with the results. This app is the best so far.


Cool bro


Love it

It very nice ...I really like it

Loved it

Best of the best

There are very very good

Nice so far

So far it’s ok kinda wanted music ringtones with words not just instrumentals cause that’s all I’ve seen so far but I’m sure it can change the more I search.

Love the app

Love the app and when you get the app


I like this


i don’t know how to cancel this subscription, can someone help?!


ok i love this app and literally only found out about it from a snapchat ad 😂, i’ve only used the free ringtones but it actually works and i love it

Add Guns N’ Roses

I thought they would have at lest and Guns N’ Roses but I was wrong they didn’t even have welcome to the jungle everyone knows that song maybe if they add Guns N’ Roses I would use this app I’m gonna delete because it doesn’t have Guns N’ Roses


The best app💯

Why make this???

This app seems very cool until you actually get it. You have to pay for almost all of them and they are either in marimba or acoustic 👎🏼


it’s good

It’s pretty good



I love it


It amazing right now I am speechless


It is good app I like it


This app is simply amazing. Doing this for the coins.

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